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Mayank Kumar
Sahaja Yoga - The TRUE Yoga
Mayank Kumar, Ghaziabad, India
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga

"Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi"

The Saviour of my Life!
This is a true experience. I can say so confidently because it happened to me. It was an early Monday morning and I was going to New Delhi in an inter-state bus. As always, the driver was speeding; though it was misty and frosty. The visibility was not more than 2 metres. Suddenly, a huge truck appeared out of nowhere. Since the road was not so broad, the driver panicked(and so did the passengers). In wake of saving from the truck, the bus slid from the somewhat steep road side into mud and bushes. It was this time that the bus started turning and everybody got scared. Also, it was the time when I at once remembered the saviour of the World (one may refer - "Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi" and at once went into Dhyana.After some seconds(may be a minute), when I opened my eyes, I saw people wailing and blood all over. Some had died, some fractured, many cut up like anything (it was a lot more bloody, but I restrain from describing); but me, not even a single bruise. It was a miracle as no other one in the bus got out without something to lose, but me. For a moment or two, I was shocked, but as soon as I regained consiousness, I tried to rescue those alive. I still remember that I came out from the bus last, when no one was expecting to see a live soul in there. And that too clean and SAFE. It was the divine which protected me. It is one of the biggest miracles, the Sahaja life has shown me.
I request you all who read this to try out Sahaja Yoga atleast once. Let your inner self, your pure soul achieve its aim on Earth!