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Mayank Kumar
Sahaja Yoga - The TRUE Yoga
Mayank Kumar, Ghaziabad, India
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga

"Her Holiness Mataji Shree Nirmala Devi"

My Induction into Sahaja Yoga
My parents came to know abut Sahaja and started practising it. They asked me to join if I wished, but I was sceptical. And that too to the limit that I stressed and discussed each and every point with my parents or other Sahaja Yogis. And I have to admit, none of my suspicions were well founded. Slowly, but steadily, I started gaining belief, but never showed it openly. One friday evening, when my parents were about to attend the Sahaja weekly collective programme, I decided to join them. At the center, there was a small process(about 5 mins.) of self-realization, whereafter my life changed. I still remember that day as the beginning of my transformation and also as my real birthday(as it was my rebirth).

"It is requested to all the seekers to try out , experiment and then be reborn - it is your birth right. Why not get it?"