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"Saha" means 'with', "Ja" means 'born', "Yoga" means union with the all pervading power of divine love. This is a very subtle subject, absolutely valid and can be proved, of our ascent into higher awareness.

At the very outset, one has to be a seeker of truth and with scientific attitude one should approach the subject. It should be treated respectfully like a hypothesis and if found by experiments as truth should be accepted by honest people in the spirit of honesty. Because this is for one's total benevolence and for the benevolence of all the world.

As described in the scriptures, there is an all pervading power of God's love (Paramachaitanya). It is a subtle power which does all living work and which cannot be felt at the level of human awareness. Sahaja Yoga means that a seeker of truth(Sadhaka) has birth-right to get his SELF-REALIZATION spontaneously.

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