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Well, here is a short essay of other general doubting minds!

Vibrations are our first step towards enlightenment, and the big question is, do you have its feeling? I do not know whether you have the knowledge of "Quran-e-Sharif"(holy book of the Muslims) or not. Well, it is stated in it, that at the time of resurrection, our mouths will be locked and our hands will speak. Now, that you have the capability of understanding that statement, you know that it is really now the time of ressurection(because our hands speak, they speak through vibrations).

As for the puja, it is a common knowing, that in western countries, people feel that Shri Mataji is spreading hinduism while back here in India they feel she is preaching Christianity. Well, this is not so. She is a universal being and she does not have to take all religions with her or represent them all(though she does represent the people of all the religions on earth). She stands for truth and truth alone.

As for the boring experience of the puja, some newcomers sometimes feel, with all humility, that may be because you need to rise more, before attending puja; or even if you have risen to the requisite level, you need to increase your sensitivity and concentration. Puja is not about chanting mantras, performing Hindu rituals or other physical activities; nor is it any mental activity, but it is the activity of the divine within us, in order to make path for our ascend. What we should concentrate on a puja day is : calmness of mind and attitude, level of vibrations and divine enjoyment on our Sahastrara. You will be happy to know that even after performing Hindu rituals in the puja, previously Hindu Sahaja Yogis do not find it easy to concentrate, while western Sahaja Yogis excel in this very fast(if they want to). This is because of the mental activity in the Hindu Sahaja Yogis, who know all the rituals and go into the theoretical aspect of them while performing puja. This reduces the level to which the divine mother can work in them during the puja. What need does mother have to sit for long hours in puja or otherwise, listening to music, bhajans, etc. She herself is "Maha Saraswati"(the Godess of Music and creation). She sits for all the Sahaja Yogis, to clean them, to help them ascend, to make the Nirmal.

Well, you consider Jesus as God; SO DO ALL THE SAHAJAYOGIS. Jesus's place is in the optic chasma, the Agya Chakra(above all, whom you consider as the Hindu Gods.) The problem is that you feel it difficult to rise above that chakra into the realm of Sahastrara. This is not a new problem and is faced by many Sahaja Yogis(initially), though it gives way with time. Check for the vibrations of any material object, any picture of anyone(other than Her Holiness') and compare it with the vibrations of Shri Mataji's photograph. You will slowly and steadily realize her. When this has happened, you will be fully SELF-REALIZED and the joy of your Kundalini will know no bounds and you WILL really appreciate it.(I can say so confidently because this has been my personal experience.)