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Sahaja Yoga - The Critics and Anti - SY's page

You and all others, who oppose Sahaja Yoga, do so, beacause you are in the pangs of falsehood and secluded with reality. I, by no means, want to offend or hurt you or any others who are reading this by any means. I just want to get my message across.

For those who have left Sahaja Yoga or oppose it(by any means, what so ever), coming into Shaja Yoga is not by chance. One attains SahajaYoga and then his self-realization only if he deserves to. This is divine discretion. By trying to spread Sahaja Yoga, we do not expect to bring each and every person in Sahaja Yoga, though it is worth mentionable that we would like that to happen. We are instruments of the divine who have to get the message across to each and every person so that no one can say that I did not have the chance to enter into SY or never knew about it. The next step is taken by the divine herself to choose the lucky ones.

Now, the thing to be understood is that one has complete freedom before and after joining SY. At the time of coming in, he is free to come in or leave. Similarly, when in Sahajayoga, he free to enjoy its boons or leave it. Her Holiness Shri Mataji has herself said that each and every one of us is so importand to SY and the world , but is equally dispensable(i.e. could be done away with). God is NOT a helpless instituition. It is to well known that Shri Mataji has descended on earth and incarnated in form of "Maha-Maya"(the Godess of Illusion); and she has to be so. The beauty of the play is that the one who leaves SY, thinks that he is correct by doing so and is exercising his freedom, but he does not have the slightest knowledge of what has happened to him - HE HAS BEEN DISCARDED BY THE DIVINE DISCRETION BECAUSE OF HIS INCAPABILITY TO BE IN SUCH A HEAVENLY COMMUNITY. The Maya character of of Her Holiness is so strong that many a times, many are illusioned and doubt her athourity and the validity of Sahaja Yoga. It is our task, to get so deep, to the roots of SY that we do not fall in such traps of illusion. She lays down these traps not because she does not love us, rather no one could love us as much as she does. But she has to do so in order to test us. We are being examined all the time and a slight glitch in our faith and surrender could take our self-realization away from us. This does NEVER mean that a Sahaja Yogi has to live in fear in SY, but the ones who have real faith, devotion and surrender are never tested in that manner; or even if they are tested, they get a clean chit; Why? because they are NIRMAL(spotless).

This is the time of ressurection. Doubts would not do, pointing out comments from letters and twisting the truth to form an illusion would not do(that's why I have not refrenced any section of your or anyone else's letter), even speaking irrelevantly and rationalising won't, in any way, show you the correct path. The only thing which can work wonders is your self-realization, which is only possible through Sahaja Yoga. If you find a better way please let me know, but that would never happen because this is the only path. Do not follow false people and false Guru's, come and enlighten yourself. Get the feelings of vibrations and the primordial energy and you could become your own Guru(that is what SY teaches us).

You are reading this letter because you have got another golden chance to recognize and attain the reality. This chance is not given by me or any other Sahaja Yogi, we are just instruments in the Lotus Feet of the Divine, but the divine herself. I don't(atlest try not to) possess any ego in being a part of this light, which has cleared all darkness in my life, but I really am proud to be a Sahaja Yogi.