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God exists in our being and we exist in his being.

(Get realized through Sahaja Yoga)

The body of a human being is like a temple, where there is a beautiful light. Deep within us is the need of enlightenment through which, a person can enlighten his soul and then only will the charming rays shine.

God and the devotee have the relation of love and faith, a relation similar to that between a soul and an eternal one. We change our body in each and every life, but the soul is eternal. There is a meditative glance at the stern reality of death. So it's a divine song with its spiritual reality from the early age to the end of life:

"Thou hast made me endless,

such is thy pleasure.

This frail vessel thou emptiest again and again,

and fillest it ever with fresh life."

Our great poet Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore wrote in his mystical and spiritual style in the central theme of Geetanjali.

"The realization of God through self-purification, love, constant prayer, bhakti, dedication and surrender before God and through humanity, through "Karma Yoga" and detachment from all the worldly pleasures and desires without denouncing the world."

The Almighty exists in our very existence. God has an exquisite, requisite and eternal existence; a truth that one can be aware of only if he realizes God through the awakening of Kundalini through "Sahaja Yoga"(through the preaching and guidance of Shri Mataji.

In the initial stages, the seeker may feel a low level of vibrations, which solely depends on the devotion of the devotee. Kundalini Maa is in the sacrum bone of our body since our birth. She has been with our soul since the time of creation. On self-realization, the devotee feels his mother, the Kundalini rising and the feeling is on the hands and the top of the fontanel bone area, the Sahasrara (the head). There are many chakras in our body, which indicate the negativity or the positivity. At the main point, the Sahasrara, our mother, our holy mother remains with lots of her divine blessings.

Kundalini Maa can be understood as a seed that grows slowly and gradually prepares a blossom, which can be presented as a garland to the Supreme Being. She is a treasure of love which has beautiful fragrance, like a box filled with sacred perfume, which happens when the blossoms (we) with their exquisite petals come and fill it with true dedication.

As the time passes, each blossom will become pious and will feel eligible to tribute itself to Her Holiness. Slowly and gradually the door to salvation opens spontaneously and emancipation comes in the way itself and says in its sonorous voice, "Come with me and you may tribute yourself to the almighty."

A human being is created by Almighty with the mingling of five particular elements that constitute of the whole of the cosmos. They are:

1. Fire (light): It burns the evil and also enlightens us.

2. Air: One can realize its pleasant breezes.

3. Earth: It grasps all the hindrances and obstacles and provides us energy.

4. Water: It makes us cool, effective and removes all the negativity.

5. Sky (space): It blesses us with the love of its light and power.

When one goes through, he realizes the effect of each element separately. The last element is love by which Shri Mataji always blesses their innocent children.

Thus God enshrines in our essence and we have to mingle our essence with the divine. Emancipation is in the hands of God who rules the unending cosmos. Thus, we should make a ceaseless effort to convey our message to the Almighty.

Ecclesiastical way is the only genuine and appreciable way to Him. True faith, shraddha, bhakti, surrender and love is the way to get to him. Shri Mataji always eulogizes true faith. So all of the readers are requested to enlighten themselves with the divine light of Mother. Maa will make us pious and create blossom out of us, which would be offered at the Lotus Feet of Her Holiness, Shri Maa.